Cyber Smart DefenceTM

  • A successful attack is conducted by real hackers and not by automated tools.
    Why should your cyber defence rely only on machines?

  • A world-class ethical hacker team with a non-replaceable hacker mindset

  • A unique hybrid approach of combining manual penetration test with managed automated tools scanning

  • Years of penetration testing and IT security experience

  • Thousands of security risk assessments and engagements

  • Industry-standard best practices and an arsenal of customized security tools

  • The latest research and the most effective methods and techniques

  • Carefully controlled methodology ensures low impact on your business operations

Our ethical hackers are not ordinary IT specialists. They are talented individuals whose minds know their way around the inner workings of the most comprehensive and complex computer programs. They excel at breaking IT systems and afterwards finding and neutralizing the security threats. The abilities and the competence of our staff are well known by a large number of multinational companies. Hence, we can offer a high level of protection for networks, systems and applications against any cyber threats and other malicious activities.

Our highly-skilled people are our biggest assets

A successful hack is conducted by real hackers, not by automated tools! Why should your cyber defence rely only on machines?

Along with the deep business expertise of the team which reaches back more than 10 years, each member of CSD security staff has deep connections in information security community. Up to date, there are hundreds of critical vulnerability submissions that have been made by CSD members widely recognized vulnerability databases such as CVE and ExploitDB.

Additionally, noted members of CSD Security team have published many articles about previously unknown security flaws and vulnerabilities on present systems.

Simply, CSD is capable to perform an actual hacker attack simulation. Our most distinguished capabilities resurface themselves at the point when automatized vulnerability scanning tools become obsolete. Starting from that point, the team's unique perspective is combined with custom tools and scripts that have been developed in-house to deliver never before seen attack vectors. These unique capabilities will enable the Client to test itself against the most extreme scenarios.