As opposed to many security companies that primarily use automated scanners or standard tools, Cyber Smart Defense is a “human” IT security auditing system – it is not just a software system. Our team of IT experts will perform a comprehensive security assessment on your IT facility and servers to identify any potential failings or vulnerabilities.

    Vulnerability assessment

    Vulnerability test

    Nowadays technology evolves at an incredible pace and thus we need to understand the urgency to properly secure and manage every aspect of the IT infrastructure. This is why our team conducts specialized assessments to identify vulnerabilities, interdependencies, and cascading effects of significant potential threats to your system.

    A lot of company leaders aim to grow their businesses but many of them are not aware that cyber security is an important aspect of any successful business, and only perform security tests due to policy requirements. 9 out of 10 companies think that they are 100% secure even if they have a history of being victims to both internal and external security breaches in the past.

    Cyber Smart Defence offers protective programs designed to prevent, identify and mitigate any potential or actual threat, assuring at the same time an efficient and timely response in any situation.

    Penetration test

    Penetration test

    When trying to implement security services, many companies fail to perform penetration testing in order to discover the real threats and vulnerabilities. They usually only perform a quick scan which can reveal a few of the vulnerabilities, but without exploiting them in order to see how far an attacker can go once he puts his mind to it. This exploitation must be performed by a team with hands-on cyber security experience. Some companies use automated tools for this purpose, but they fail to realize that all successful attacks are made by real attackers and a machine cannot beat a human mind, no matter how advanced is the technology it uses.

    We use real ethical hackers who simulate the actions of real attackers and apply a threat modelling methodology for the purpose of uncovering the most critical and actionable threats. This way, we adapt our approach according to the severity of each forecasted threat.

    This approach includes following steps:

    • 1. Understanding system architecture and security requirements;

    • 2. Identification of roles, components and assets in a system;

    • 3. Discovering the activity matrix and potential security rules;

    • 4. Identification and exploitation of risky assets;

    • 5. Simulation of conditions which a threat may be exploited.

    Once the threat modelling is correctly established and exploited, we move forward to the next steps:

    • 1. Review the overall design to discover initial application flaws;

    • 2. Prioritize the impact of discovered vulnerabilities and application flaws according to their risk and impact;

    • 3. Choose relevant mitigation and response options for each of these threats;

    • 4. Created detailed guidelines on how to prevent & avoid similar threats.

    All of the above-mentioned steps will be carried out by professional ethical hackers who have a unique understanding of security.

    Under the scope of a penetration test, our main objective remains the discovery of the following assets and roles:

    • User Authorization Credentials

    • Backend System Authorization Credentials

    • Internal Metrics

    • Unreleased Product Information

    • Customer & Client Information

    Additionally, we will try to establish what each of the anonymous unregistered users, regular users of the system or system administrators can accomplish inside the system, in order to perform an analysis regarding system access.

    What you get

    A full penetration test report


    Cyber Intelligence

    Cyber Intelligence

    Our cyber intelligence platform allows you to monitor underground activity regarding your systems and receive instant alerts with newly added intelligence.



    • Cyber Crime Operations Intelligence

    • Malicious Software (MalWare) Intelligence

    • Data Leakage Intelligence

    • Banking Card Credentials Intelligence

    • Online Banking Credentials Intelligence


    • Anti-Phishing Services (Monitoring & TakeDown)

    • Brand Protection

    • Malware Analysis

    • Analysis and Investigation of BotNet and DDoS cases

    • Cyber Crime Counter Operations

    • Malicious URL and Spam Analysis

    • Ensure safe and secure deletion of all traces and remains from a security testing service upon completion.

    Cyber Smart Defence offers protective programs designed to prevent, determinate, and mitigate any potential or actual threat, enabling at the same time an efficient and timely response in any situation.

    Security audit

    Security audit

    One of the major problems today is that most companies and people consider that they are fully protected by standard and basic programs. Still, nowadays over 85% of the servers and infrastructures are vulnerable.

    Technology may be evolving more and more, but its efficiency regarding cyber security remains low when compared to a human mind. This is why a machine cannot be in charge of protecting a sensitive system from real attackers.

    We aim to help identify and mitigate all vulnerabilities before a malicious attacker can find and exploit them. This is where our cyber security team comes in. More than providing just basic reports, we are capable of performing a complete and active analysis of your system, by conducting a real-world attack and by offering security solutions that are fit to our customers’ needs.

    We perform IT security audits according to a standard methodology. Thus, our final IT security audit report includes:

    • Realistic attack scenarios which portray actual results and methods of an attacker

    • Clearly explained step-by-step definitions of each and every vulnerability with different methods and scenarios of exploitation

    • Clearly and strictly defined short-term, mid-term and long-term roadmaps on remediation of each discovered vulnerability

    • Additional executive summaries for every technical vulnerability, enabling ease of understanding by other non-technical parties

    Cyber Security Training

    Cyber Security Training

    Security awareness is not only for employees. It is commonly known that it is time for managers to move into a more active role when it comes to IT security – nowadays, managers are required to also be technologists in addition to business leaders, with the ability to tackle security concerns as well as manage somewhat complex technologies.

    While user training is an essential part of any security program, it is equally important for managers to show employees that they are also involved in the company’s security success. They must develop their own knowledge and skills regarding cyber security, but attending a long, general security awareness session open to all employees might not always be feasible for a busy executive.

    At Cyber Smart Defence, we aim to assist company managers in the process of expanding their knowledge, by organizing short and to-the-point cyber security trainings and courses.

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